Save Phace Total Eclipse SUM 2 Mask


Save Phace Total Eclipse SUM 2 Mask

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Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent eye and face protection for boating, motorcycle and ATV riding, etc
  • Also outstanding as a cutting/grinding shield
  • Can be used in any application requiring safety goggles supplying full face protection not must eye protection
  • Lenses availalbe in clear through shade 12 and will interchange in seconds
  • Military grade anit fog coating on all interior lens surfaces

The Save Phace SUM 2 masks are outstanding eye and facial protection for a wide range of off-road activities.  Whether you prefer flying across the water on a boat, or riding a trail in your ATV these masks will prevent branches, rocks, dirt and other common hazards from damaging your eyes or face.  In addition they offer superior protection when cutting or grinding or any other job for which you will need safety glasses.  They are comfortable, lightweight, and offer full face protection

1 yr warranty on material and workmanship


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