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Scorpion TJ12S 24,000 LB Capacity Short Wheel Base SERVICE JACK

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Scorpion TJ12S 24,000 LB Capacity Short Wheel Base SERVICE JACK

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  • 24,000 lb. Capacity or 12 Tons
  • Only 8” collapsed height to go under the lowest axles
  • Two Point of contact when lifting, safer!
  • Air/Hydraulic Design, NO HAND PUMPING REQUIRED
  • Lifts over 15.75” with a built in 3 stage safety lock!
  • (No need for vehicle stands) WOW!
  • Full floating casters for easy maneuvering
  • Small foot print doesn’t take up much floor space


The Scorpion TJ12S lifts the whole front end or rear end in one go! A conventional jack you have to lift a corner at a time.
The Scorpion TJ12S is the only jack available with a built in three stage locking mechanism so there is no need for vehicle stands!
The Scorpion TJ12S is built to last and is made of the highest grade materials!


Increased through-put for your shop. The TJ12S lifts a truck in seconds! A conventional jacks and two stand takes 7-10 minutes!
Reduce employee fatigue and injuries. The TJ12S keeps your technicians off the floor as much as possible keeping them fresh and alert for the servicing of vehicles. You preserve your hard earned money buy not throwing it away on jacks that don’t last


The Scorpion TJ12S has a vertical handle and four full floating casters. The vertical handle provides a more comfortable posture for the technician. The casters make it extremely manouverable.

It has dual hydraulic cylinders that do the lifting all controlled by detachable remote control pendant. Everything is pneumatically controlled. There is only one button to lift and one button to lower. It’s that easy.

To lift you simply lower the handle assembly and push the jack under the truck to the axle. For rear axles you can extend the handle up to 9 Ft. to get to the axle without getting on the floor. Then depress the up button and the jack raises the truck across the axle. Stop at any time the lock will engage automatically.

To lower the truck simply raise the jack slightly and then depress the down button and the truck is lowered safely.

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