Features and Benefits:

  • Tram gauge attachement designed to get more accurate measurements
  • SELF CENTERING – Reverse cones and cones quickly fit over the center of the holes.
  • LARGE CONES – Drops right into the center of the point being measured.
  • TWO SETS OF REVERSE CONES- Tackle a wide variety of hardware sizes.
  • EXTENSIONS – Easily reach the desired measurment point.
  • The DF-3TCAS Self Centering Tram Gauge Cone Set is an accessory attachment set that every tram gauge needs. The set comes with 2 sets of 2 reverse self-centering cones, and 1 set of 2 large cones. The reverse cones are designed to quickly t over and center on hardware such as nuts, bolt heads and studs. The large cones are designed to quickly t into and center in holes. Get a more precise measurement then trying to center a pointer onto hardware or into large holes.

    90 day warranty w/ customer POP send in for repair