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Splitting System Cab Stand

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Splitting System Cab Stand

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Repair Tractor Chassis Safely and Efficiently

Easily support the tractor cab or operator’s platforms when servicing and repairing tractor chassis’s. The AT30020 Splitting System Cab Stand consists of two telescopic stands with locking collars and height adjustment pins to allow the cab to be supported safely without movement.

The AT30020 will handle almost any size or weight cab with ease when the chassis split is required. Safely remove either the front or rear mounting point while the remaining chassis attachment points provide added stability for working underneath the cab. The AT30020 will support half of the cab. If total cab removal is required, it is recommended to lift the cab off the chassis using a hoist and setting it safely aside on the floor.

  • NOTE: It is NOT recommended to use four of these stands to support the complete cab!
  • Height Range: 20″ to 543/4″
  • Load Limit: 2 tons per stand (4,000 lbs.)