Spray Gun Minijet 4 1.0MM Nozzle Set .125L Plastic Cup


SATAminijet® 3000 B HVLP Spray Gun with 1.0 Nozzle Set and .125L Plastic Cup

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Features and Benefits:

  • Features an incredibly wide, even fan; fan control may be adjusted from either side to allow one hand operation for right or left hand painters
  • Built in air micrometer adjusts air pressure and light trigger pull can be operated with one or two fingers
  • Especially suitable for spot repair (SR) or complete paint jobs on smaller surfaces
  • Because of its compact design, it is quite handy for doorjambs or inside small work spaces hard to access
  • The patented airflow design assures precise color matching with critical metallic tones

Patent improvements include QC™, a 1½ turn Quick-Change™ air cap and CCS™ Color Code System™, a set of 4 colored discs. The colored discs make it easy to mark the gun for specific work or identifying personal spray guns. The SATAminijet 3000 B HVLP also features QCC™ (Quick Cup Connection™) a patent pending ¼ turn cup for easy attachment or removal. Use for automotive, industrial and furniture manufacturing, crafts and hobbies. Also a great too for the handyman.

Repair only up to 1 yr

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions9.5 × 5.9 × 3 cm


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