TEXA Bike Euro Bike Case (S04938)


The Bike Euro Case is complete with the most common cables for Euro motorcycle diagnostic interface.

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The kit includes:

  • 3151/AP02 APRILIA Sagem Cable
  • 3151/AP03 APRILIA Synerject Cable
  • 3151/AP08 PEUGEOT Main Cable
  • 3151/AP09 BMW Slow-Code Cable up to 1999 (3151/AP09A)
  • 3151/AP23 DUCATI Cable from 2010 (3902404)
  • 3151/AP25 BIMOTA Cable (3902287)
  • 3151/AP34 MV AGUSTA Cable from 2012> (3904267)
  • 3151/AP37 BMW Road & Off-Road Cable Kit from 1993 Compatible with Husqvarna from 2011 (3904841)
  • 3151/AP39 KTM/HUSABERG Cable (3904841)

() Cables also know as ….

TEXA maintains its unquestioned leadership of the BIKE sector (motorcycles, quads, jetskis, snowmobiles and ATVs) with the NAVIGATOR TXTs and NAVIGATOR TXB Evolution, the diagnostic interface adopted by some of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers. The NAVIGATOR interfaces utilize Bluetooth technology for greater flexibility in diagnosis and, with BIKE software, represent the most reliable, effective and complete solution today on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have a required annual fee each year? No, there are no required annual fees. The software will work forever and never expire. You will only receive updates & support for 1 year, and after that it is $450 per year. You can also go “late” with no penalty.

Do you have other cables available? Yes, we have all other cables available.

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