The Smart Starter Commercial Jump Starter, 12/24 Volt


The Smart Starter Commercial Jump Starter, 12/24 Volt

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Features and Benefits

  • 12/24 Volt Operation
  • Accommodates 2 batteries up to Group 31 size (not included)
  • Supports Flooded or AGM batteries
  • LED Status display plus 7-segment voltmeter
  • 10 ft, 1/0 output cable gauge

The Smart Starter offers great versatility. It can be used to boost disabled 12V and 24V vehicles of all sizes. In addition, its automatic charging system can accommodate the installation of either flooded or AGM batteries. It features our exclusive Voltage Spike Protection and Automatic Reverse Polarity Protection safety features, combined with a remote start switch, for the ultimate in operator and vehicle safety. The unit powers the output leads only when a correct connection is made, avoiding costly damage from starting errors. The unit also features extra-long, detachable 10’ output leads, heavy-duty clamps to penetrate battery corrosion, an intuitive control panel and large pneumatic wheels for easy maneuverability over all surfaces.


1 yr warranty on material and workmanship

Additional information

Weight77 lbs
Dimensions26 × 24 × 19 cm


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