Tiger Tool Axle Shaft Puller


This isn’t just another way to strike the axle-shaft. Pullcams preload behind the axle flange allowing the cone washers to be released with ease. It’s a true axle-shaft puller.

  • Includes most common 5/8″ – 18 Axle Stud Adapter Set. Additional adapter sets available below.
  • Spring-loaded driver pin is case hardened and maintains direct contact with the center of the axle flange.
  • Fully adjustable pulling arms and stud adapters are quick and easy to install.
  • Eliminates damage to axle studs.

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For use on medium to heavy-duty Eaton and Rockwell drive axles.

Operating Instructions

  1. Remove the drive flange stud nuts from the axle shaft.
  2. Thread stud adaptors onto two opposing axle studs. Tighten both stud adaptors until base plate pads sit on studs. Note: 5⁄8″ – 18 studadaptors are standard with the 11001. Optional sizes of stud adaptors are available from Tiger Tool.
  3. Install the base plate over the stud adaptors. The base plate is slotted to accept both Eaton and Rockwell drive axles. Complete theinstallation of the base plate by securing and tightening the stud adaptors with 1⁄2″ – 13 flange nuts.
  4. After completing the installation of the base plate to the axle, you will now be able to insert the pull cams onto the back of the axle flange and through the 3″ slots in the base plate. Pull cams are slotted for the purpose of being able to fit various medium duty axles. Relief side of pull cam is for the 12-bolt axle flange and opposing side is for 8-bolt axle flange. Tighten the pull cams to the base plate with 5⁄8″ flange nuts. Pre-load the pull cams so that there is adequate and equal pressure on both sides of the axle flange. CAUTION: Over-tightening of the pull cams can cause possible damage to the axle flange.
  5. Ensure that the driver is in contact with the axle before proceeding to strike it. Strike the driver with a suitable hammer until the driveflange wedge cones have loosened. You are now ready to remove the drive axle from the vehicle.


With all the care, craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every Tiger Tool product, you can be sure you’re choosing a product that’s built to last and engineered to perform. Tiger Tool offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on castings, two years on machined or threaded parts and one year warranty on hydraulic components.


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