Tire Comparator™ Type III (For 1/4 in. Tolerances)


A professional “go/no go” tire caliper for dual tire pairing


The Ultimate Dual Tire Pairing Gauge – A Quick and Easy Way to Ensure Dual Mated Tires are Within Tolerance.

The Tire Comparator™ is the industry’s fastest and most consistent caliper for comparing tread wear on dual-mated tires. This simple-to-use sliding tolerance gauge requires no measuring, guessing, or even visual inspection. Just hold it against the tire and slide the gauge across the treads for a quick result every time.


  • Helps extend tread life and improve fuel mileage
  • Reduces blowouts and tire decapitation
  • Can be used on any dual-mated tires
  • Lightweight and portable
  • For 1/4″ tolerances

Tolerance: 1/4″
Material: Aluminum

Additional information

Weight4.6 lbs


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