Tire Life All Weather 275GAL Tote


Tire Life All Weather 275-Gallon Tote

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Features & Benefits:

  • Provides excellent performance in mining, construction, agricultural, and over the road tires
  • Protects tire inner liner from degrading
  • Protects wheels/rims against rust scale and pitting
  • Improves air retention
  • Reduces heat build-up in tires
  • Includes 275 gal. tote, additional Tire Life sizes are pictured for reference only

Tire Life is a premium liquid formula developed to benefit all companies that manage commercial fleets. When added to a tire’s air chamber, Tire Life protects tires and eliminates wheel/rim loss from scale and pitting, while improving air retention through its sealing qualities. Labor costs are greatly reduced as tire dismounting time is decreased.

Safety is one of the main contributions to our customers. Tire Life not only reduces tire failures, but also aids in the prompt identification of tire cuts and wheel/rim cracks, and keeps tires running up to 7.5% cooler than similar tires without the benefit of our product.

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