Tire Paint Plus 55 GAL


Dripless Tire Paint Plus in 55 gal. Drum

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Features & Benefits:

  • Zero volatile organic compounds
  • Excellent one-coat coverage
  • Non-flammable
  • Sprays on smoothly
  • Airless compatible
  • Includes a 55 gal. drum of tire paint.  Image shows smaller sizes available though not included with this purchase

Specially formulated for spraying in the Fuller Brothers Custom Tire Painter II™ it has been tested by Graco and found to be completely compatible and approved for use with Graco pumps and sprayers. With one coat, Dripless Tire Paint™ will cover chalk and crayon markings, sprays on smoothly, stays in place without dripping and will not wash or rub off when dry.

Dripless Tire Paint™ may be used for brush or mitt applications and is a special Zero VOC Formula.

 Dripless Tire Paint™by Fuller Brothers is a water-based, black tire paint with zero VOC’s.  Product is specially designed to cover chalk and crayon markings in one coat.   May be used with spray equipment or brush/mitt application and is ready to use.

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Weight 486 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 24 × 24 cm


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