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Tire Runout Gauge: Pinpoint Vehicle Vibration Problems!

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Tire Runout Gauge: Pinpoint Vehicle Vibration Problems!

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Gauge Features:

  • Eliminate vibration and irregular tire wear issues.
  • Diagnose ride complaints.
  • Properly match the high and low spots of the tire and rim runout.
  • Locate wheels and/or tires that need to be reworked or discarded.
  • Locate trouble areas that can induce excessive runout that is not actually in the tire/rim combo.
  • It can be used for any size tire or wheel.
  • Made right here in Holland, Michigan, U.S.A.!

Radial & Lateral Tests:

  • Deviations take the form of abnormal peaks and bulges or troughs and flat spots
  • Radial runout is the deviation of a tire’s roundness from a perfect circle
  • Lateral runout is the deviation of the tire’s sidewall from a perfect plane

Reading the Gauge:

  • The gauge is read by counting the lines separating the sliders
  • Each line measures 0.01″ of runout
  • Runouts of more than 0.08″ may require further inspection of the complete assembly (hub, wheel, & tire)

Our Tire Runout Gauge utilizes a roller wheel placed against the tire tread combined with a gauge bar, individual low and high spot sliders and a magnified measurement readout that quickly shows the amount of runout present. If the runout exceeds the stated limits, a check can be made and repairs completed for the possible reasons including bent or cocked rims, improperly adjusted wheel bearings, improper tire bead seating, tire flat spots, improperly tightened rim clamps and rear rim spacers.

Our gauge pinpoints problems either directly related to the tire and rim or some other trouble areas that may be causing runout, and is designed as a precautionary tool that can result in quicker identification of possible problems before they turn into early tire removal and unnecessary additional costs.