Tool Organizer Pro Pack


Tool Organizer Pro Pack

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Features & Benefits:

  • Can hold over 111 tools of a wide variety
  • All in one pack makes the task of organizing tools easier
  • Twist Lock Socket Clips keep sockets secure for transport
  • Premium no-slip materials keep tools in place
  • Space saving designs fit more tools in compact spaces
  • This set includes a premium selection of items in one pack for easy tool organization. 

Socket Boss will hold a total of 57 sockets and accommodate 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ sockets. Twist lock socket clips keep sockets secure. 

Low Profile Wrench and Screwdriver Rails fit shallow toolbox drawers and are made of no-slip material. Wrench rails feature a forward and reverse design to save space. Holds 30 wrenches and 14 screwdrivers.

Plier Pro holds pliers upright and is made with premium no-slip material on the base. Holds 10 pliers and fits a wide range of sizes.

10 Compartment Tray is stack-able and is made with fuel and solvent resistant material.

Lifetime warranty does not cover abuse

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions21 × 12 × 4 cm


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