Torx and Hex Sockets Display Assortment

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Features and Benefits:

  • Well merchandised
  • Hang tag bar coded labels
  • 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ Drive Torx and Hex bit in metric and SAE sizes
  • Less space used, with more coverage
  • Display boards must be purchased separately (KTI098)

43 piece USA Torx and Hex Bit Display Board includes 1 each of the following:

KTI21500 12 piece Master Tamper Proof Torx Set
KTI21610 1/4″ drive Torx bit T-10 USA
KTI21615 1/4″ drive Torx bit T-15 USA
KTI21620 1/4″ drive Torx bit T-20 USA
KTI21625 1/4″ drive Torx bit T-25 USA
KTI21627 1/4″ drive Torx bit T-27 USA
KTI21630 1/4″ drive Torx bit T-30 USA
KTI22601 12 piece Torx bit set T10-T60 USA
KTI22640 3/8″ drive Torx bit T-40 USA
KTI22645 3/8″ drive Torx bit T-45 USA
KTI22647 3/8″ drive Torx bit T-47 USA
KTI22650 3/8″ drive Torx bit T-50 USA
KTI22655 3/8″ drive Torx bit T-55 USA
KTI22660 1/2″ drive Torx bit T-60 USA
KTI22670 1/2″  drive Torx bit T-70 USA
KTI22671 external torq socket set
KTI22675 external torq E-5 1/4″ drive
KTI22676 external torq E-6 1/4″ drive
KTI22677 external torq E-7 1/4″ drive
KTI22678 external torq E-8 1/4″ drive
KTI22680 external torq E-10 3/8″ drive
KTI22682 external torq E-12 3/8″ drive
KTI22684 external torq E-14 3/8″ drive
KTI22686 external torq E-16 3/8″ drive
KTI22688 external torq E-18 3/8″ drive
KTI22689 external torq E-20 3/8″ drive
KTI22904 hex bit 1/8″
KTI22905 hex bit 5/32″
KTI22906 hex bit 3/16″
KTI22907 hex bit 7/32″
KTI22908 hex bit 1/4″
KTI22910 hex bit 5/16″
KTI22912 hex bit 3/8″
KTI22970 7 piece 3/8″ drive hex bit SAE set
KTI27903 metric hex bit 3mm
KTI27904 metric hex bit 4mm
KTI27905 metric hex bit 5mm
KTI27906 metric hex bit 6mm
KTI27907 metric hex bit 7mm
KTI27908 metric hex bit 8mm
KTI27910 metric hex bit 10mm
KTI27955 metric hex bit 5.5mm
KTI27970 7 piece 3/8″ drive hex bit metric set

Sets & Kits do not have warranty/ see individual p

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Additional information

Weight 9.3 lbs
Dimensions 32.5 × 24 × 6 cm


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