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Transmission Jack 1100 LB

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Transmission Jack 1100 LB

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Universal head provides forward and back tilt. Head width adjusts from 8-14. Wide base for maximum stability. Base width 23 x 23. Foot-operated pump frees both hands for easier saddle-to-transmission alignment. Convenient release knob. Adjusts from 45 low height to 71 high height. Ship weight 103 lbs. Capacity: 1,100 Lbs. Ram Stages: 1 Min Height: 45î Max Height: 71î Front Tilt: 30∞ Rear Tilt: 15∞ Side Tilt: N/A Head Width: 8î to 14î Head Lengthî 14î Base: 23î x 23î Weight: 103 Lbs. Single-stage telescopic ram for use on automobile, light truck and van transmissions, transfer cases or differentials in under-hoist applications.