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Vacuum Module

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Vacuum Module

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The KL34003 Vacuum Module uses standard shop air to create negative pressure throughout the cooling system, drawing the coolant through the entire system from the bottom-up. This eliminates the possibility of air pockets forming in the EGR cooler.


  1. With the Tank Valve turned to CLOSED, connect the Vacuum Module to the Cap Adapter.
  2. Turn the Blue Vent Valve to the CLOSED position and attach clean, dry shop air.
  3. Open Air Valve on the Vacuum Module and allow the vacuum to draw 20″-25″hg on the cooling system.
  4. Once the Vacuum Module reaches the green zone, set Tank Valve to FILL position.
  5. Watch coolant level in Storage Tank. When Tank is nearly empty, turn Tank Valve to the CLOSED position and turn off the Air Valve.
  6. Open Blue Vent Valve to release vacuum. Disconnect the Vacuum Module and remove the Cap Adapter.
  7. Add coolant and fill to proper level. Replace surge tank cap.