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Welder 235amp AC/DC

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Welder 235amp AC/DC

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The FP235 AC/DC offers you powerful 235 Amp AC/185 Amp DC Arc (SMAW) welding performance at an affordable price. DC output produces better visual welds, with more control and less spatter. It is the preferred method for overhead out of position welding. The FP235 features infinite amperage adjustment, which provides precise welding control. This versatile unit is ideal for both light and heavy-duty repairs. The FP235’s rugged, portable design delivers the reliability and performance to make it an ideal unit for general fabrication as well as farm, ranch, automotive and light maintenance repairs. Features: Uses standard 230 volt household current AC/DC welding output Infinite amperage adjustment Thermostatic heat protection Portable wheel and handle kit Professional dense style cable connections Fan cooled transformer Illuminated power on indicator Illuminated thermal overload indicator Thermostatic heat protection 5-2-1 Warranty Comes Complete With: 10 foot welding lead and electrode holder 6 foot ground cable and work clamp 6 foot power cord (without plug) Wheel kit and handle. Instruction manual (English, French, Spanish) Input Voltage; AC Specs: 230 volt 60 Hz DC Specs: Input Current Amps: (50) AC, (35)DC Welding Output Amps: 20(AC) 21.5(DC) Maximum Output Amps: 235(AC) 185(DC) Open Circuit Voltage: 72(AC) 63(DC) Rated Output Amps: 200(AC) 135(DC) Rated Duty Cycle: 20 percent (AC/DC) Maximum Thickness Capacity: 1/2 inch (AC/DC) Dimensions: 23.5 x 17.5 x 14 inches Weight: 113 pounds