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Wing shaped top holds fenders without blocking paint spray to the edges or inner wheel arch. Adjustable Friction or rotating joint. Painter can easily adjust tension to position parts of different weights. Delrin bushing extends life of pivot point. Non skid surface gives positive feel to footrest. Straps with holes bolts down parts such as mirrors and wire down fenders, spoilers, moldings, and grilles. Vertical Adjustment. Spray parts at a comfortable working height. Handle on wing allows painter to rotate objects and stand upright while spraying. Round shape comfortably fits palm of hand in all positions. Nesting Base saves floor space. When not in use, 4 Wing Things slide together inside a 3 foot square. Loops shaped base insures air hose will fall away without hanging up. Four wheel swivel casters for easy positioning in spray booth. Roll parts into the best light and direct overspray away from painted parts. Wide 1 ºî wheels wonít fall into spray booth floor grates.