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The TEXA Scan Tool: What To Know

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Aug 16, 2023 | Products

Automotive technicians use the TEXA scan tool to scan and diagnose vehicle problems. It can show real-time data, read and troubleshoot fault codes, and run multiple tests to identify problems. This scanner can also conduct tasks like performing bi-directional commands, injector cut-out tests, and forced regenerations. At David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales, we carry the TEXA tool to help diesel repair technicians diagnose and fix issues across a wide range of makes and models.

Benefits of the TEXA Scan Tool

There are many benefits to using the TEXA tool when diagnosing and repairing trucks, including:

Fast and Accurate Diagnosis

One of the best TEXA features is that the scan tool can quickly and accurately diagnose vehicle problems. This helps reduce the amount of time that it takes to troubleshoot problems. Scan tools can read and clear fault codes, supply live data streams, and provide OEM flash codes. You can also access wiring diagrams and perform active tests.

Mobile Design

TEXA tools are mobile and flexible, so you can use them on the road. Our TEXA diagnostic scanner comes with durable accessories, making it convenient to use your tools wherever you need them. Along with the scanner tool, you also get a Panasonic CF-31 toughbook, a standard 6, 9, and OBDII Cable, and a tough case to safely transport your TEXA tool.

Bi-directional Control

Something that sets TEXA apart from its competitors is its bi-directional control capabilities. Bi-directional controls allow the tool to communicate with the vehicle. The tool can request information and make it perform certain tests. The TEXA tool can perform thousands of bi-directional commands, including:

  • DPF Regeneration
  • Injector Cut-out Tests
  • EGR Valve Calibrations
  • DPF Accumulator Resets
  • Change Engine Parameters

DTC Solutions

TEXA offers DTC Solutions to help make repairs easier. After entering your ECU and model into the program, locate the code your TEXA tool gave you. DTC Solutions can then tell you more information about the given code, including what parts you may need for repairs.

Custom Estimates and Diagnostic Reports

TEXA scan tools can also provide helpful materials for vehicle owners, including custom estimates and diagnostic reports. After a diagnostic session, the TEXA tool can generate a comprehensive diagnostic report. These reports can tell the vehicle owner more about their vehicle’s health. TEXA also has software that can accurately estimate how much labor will be needed to repair the vehicle. The software can then use this information to create custom estimates so the vehicle owner knows how much the repairs might cost.

Purchase Your TEXA Scan Tool From David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales

If you perform maintenance on trucks, a TEXA scan tool can help you diagnose issues quickly. It works with a variety of makes and models and has multiple diagnostic capabilities. Upon purchasing your TEXA tool from David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales, you will also receive weekly TEXA training courses and one year of technical support from field-trained diesel technicians and certified IT professionals. This technical support can help you with basic complications to more complex issues. Contact us today with any questions about the TEXA tool or our other specialty repair tools.