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What Are Jack Stands and How Do They Work?

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Jul 3, 2024 | Products

Jack stands are tools for lifting heavy objects, machinery, and vehicles. David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales offers a variety of durable stands to meet different needs. Here is more information about jack stands and how they work:

About Jack Stands

Jack stands help support a raised vehicle to make sure that an individual can safely work underneath it. They benefit garage mechanics or heavy-duty fleet owners when working on tractor-trailers. They can also be used for large farming equipment and bulky machinery. 

How To Use a Vehicle Stand

Before you start, verify that the stand is capable of holding the weight of your tractor-trailer. The style and weight capacity of your stand will determine what size of vehicle you are able to support. You will first need to use a jack to raise your heavy-duty vehicle. While jacks are helpful for temporarily raising vehicles, they are not built to withstand constant weight. 

Once you use the jack to raise the vehicle, you can place your stands underneath the frame. Place two stands at one end of the vehicle if you lift the front or the back. If you want to lift the entire vehicle, use four stands. Make sure that the stands are properly positioned under your vehicle frame to prevent them from slipping. These stands help enhance safety for extensive vehicle maintenance tasks. 

Types of Vehicle Stands

Vehicle stands vary in weight capacity from three tons to 25 tons. Determine the size and weight of your tractor-trailer before purchasing a stand. Another element to evaluate includes the stand’s height. Stands range in height from a few inches to several feet. Look at the height of your tractor-trailer or other heavy-duty vehicle and how far the frame is off the ground. This will help you find an appropriately sized stand for your needs. 

Three different types of vehicle stands include pin stands, screw lock stands, and ratchet stands. With a pin stand, you manually lift the center column to the appropriate height and then place the pin through the stand to hold it in place. Screw lock stands work by allowing mechanics and other users to put them in the desired position and then rotate the handles in a circular motion to slowly raise or lower the stand. You then secure the stand with the locking collar once it reaches the desired height. 

A ratchet stand allows individuals to use a handle to raise the height of their stand. The ratchet bar contains divots so that each time the bar is raised, it automatically locks into place. Along with the automatic locking mechanism on the bar, these stands also come with a pin for added safety. This allows the user to easily adjust the height of their stand while maintaining adequate safety measures.

Benefits of Vehicle Stands

Working underneath a heavy-duty vehicle can be dangerous if proper safety protocols are not followed. Vehicle stands provide a secure working environment for mechanics and fleet drivers, reducing the likelihood of accidents caused by vehicles collapsing on them. When used properly, jack stands provide a stable platform to lift heavy vehicles and machinery for long periods of time. Mechanics can safely examine vehicle undercarriages, change tires, and replace oil. 


Working without the help of a vehicle stand can cause a mechanic or driver to work in cramped conditions. They will have to crawl or carefully slide around underneath the vehicle while being very close to the undercarriage. With the help of a vehicle stand, mechanics will have plenty of space to work and access hard-to-reach areas. 


Jack stands may help save time when working on heavy-duty vehicles. If a mechanic does not have access to a jack stand, they will need to raise the vehicle with a jack and then find alternative ways to support the vehicle. This may include placing ramps or supporting wooden blocks underneath the frame. These alternative options are not as safe as a jack stand and will take more time to set up and make sure they can hold the weight without buckling. Individuals can quickly put them in place using a vehicle stand, raise them to the correct height, and move on with their work. 


Vehicle stands are built to work with a wide range of vehicles and equipment. This makes them ideal for industrial, construction, and automobile industries as well as fleet maintenance service providers. The adjustable height and load capacity allow them to be used on tractor-trailers of varying sizes.

Meet Your Heavy-duty Vehicle Needs Today

Vehicle stands are helpful for a variety of industries and are made to hold varying amounts of weight. David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales provides our customers with competitively-priced products that are made to last. To learn more about our stands and other heavy-duty products, reach out to our team today.