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What Size of an Engine Stand Do I Need?

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Jun 10, 2024 | News

Engine stands make mechanical work on heavy-duty vehicles safer and more efficient. These stands come in different sizes depending on the engine’s weight and type. At David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales, we carry a range of stands to help you complete repairs and routine maintenance on your tractor-trailer engines. Here’s more information about how to find the right engine stand size for your fleet or repair shop:

Engine Weight

The weight of your equipment’s engine determines the size of the stand you’ll need. Some smaller stands can hold a maximum weight of a half-ton or 1000 pounds, while larger stands hold up to three tons or 6000 pounds. If you are unsure of your engine’s weight, refer to the operating manual or the manufacturer’s website. Diesel engines may be heavier than standard gasoline or alternative fuel engines, so look for high-capacity stands designed to carry the weight of diesel engines. At David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales, we offer stands with weight capacities ranging from under one ton to over three tons. Our stands are ideal for vehicles like semi-tractors, agricultural equipment, transportation fleets, and other heavy-duty machinery engines.

Engine Manufacturer

Some stands are created specially to match the dimensions and weight of individual engine brands. Equipment manufacturers like Volvo, Detroit, Cummins, Mack, Ford, and Caterpillar produce engines with differing sizes and energy outputs that require custom stand mounts and attachments. If your shop works exclusively with one or two brands, look for stand adapters designed to handle those engines for a more efficient workflow. Some stands have universal adapters that are compatible with many types of engine brands and sizes, making them ideal for shops that handle a variety of diesel engines and equipment types. David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales carries a wide selection of mounting adapters to help your stand meet your shop’s evolving needs.

Stand Features and Additional Tools

A high-quality engine stand comes equipped with features that improve the comfort and safety of repair technicians during services. Manufacturers create stands with rotating mounts that have a 360-degree range of motion. This increases accessibility to hard-to-reach areas during maintenance and repairs. Some models, like the Kiene Diesel Engine Rebuild Stand, have steel gears and crank handles that enable the mounting head or adapter to move smoothly and remain in the set position. Hand cranks reduce the need for hydraulic stands, eliminating the risk of hydraulic fluid leaks.

A good tool to use with a stand is an oil drip pan. The pan catches any oil or other fluids that may drip as a used engine is placed and moved on the stand. This protects your shop floor from stains and damage and reduces the risk of slips and falls. To make your shop more functional and free from clutter between services, look for a stand that has wheels. Wheels enable technicians to move the engine around more easily during a service, boosting efficiency and making the space adaptable to simultaneous projects. The wheels also make the stand easier to transport and store when not in use. Some portable stands are foldable, making them more compact for storage.

Benefits of an Engine Stand

Heavy-duty stands are made with durable metal materials that can withstand significant force and regular use. This makes them a safe piece of equipment for technicians to work around and under without worrying about the dangers of crushing. Safe stands create better working conditions and may allow mechanics to speed up their assembly or repair processes. Heavy-duty stands also make engine services more comfortable for technicians, reducing back and neck strain that may develop when working on the ground or under the hood of equipment.

Mounted engine stands give technicians a secure place to test the repairs and confirm they are effective before returning the engine to the vehicle. This helps technicians save time and effort moving the engine back and forth after various repair and maintenance services. Mechanics may also use the stands to assemble new engines and rebuild outdated components. Rotating mounts streamline the assembly process, as technicians can view all parts and angles of the engine at any time. We carry timing devices and other engine components that repair teams may need while the engine is mounted.

Find Heavy Duty Tools and Equipment

David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales has been serving customers nationwide since 2016. We carry a range of diesel engine diagnostic and repair tools to keep your equipment running properly. If you own a fleet of tractor-trailers or a diesel repair shop, our team can help you find engine stands to make your maintenance processes more efficient. You can explore our products online and have them shipped directly to your home or business. Contact our team today to learn more about finding the right engine stands and other tools for your heavy-duty equipment.